Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Like we need another reason not to watch Congressional Hearings

If anybody out there watched any of the Congressional Hearings about Benghazi, well, first...that was the only thing you could think to watch?  There wasn't a game show on or a rerun of SportsCenter?  I watched for about twenty minutes, but I was at work, so I didn't have a choice.  The only people who watched it by choice worked for CNN, because everyone else watching was either A:) a paraplegic waiting for the nurse to come back, or B:) in jail.

Because if the whole thing was anything like what I saw, then it was just an endless parade of Republicans yelling at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Nothing of substance, just a bunch of angry white men grandstanding for their fawning cheerleaders over at Fox News.  Who needs to see that?  And what did it accomplish? 

Well, one thing it did was humanize Hillary Clinton in my eyes.  For 20 years, I just assumed she was a soulless husk with aspirations of political domination, and her time in the Senate or running for President did nothing to change that.  But today, she choked up while reading her opening remarks.  She was actually emotional about the deaths of other people.  I can't even do that, which means she's actually more human than me.  I think I might actually be a soulless husk.

The rest of it is stuff we already know, right?  John McCain is crotchety, and everyone else was just acting for the cameras.  If there was a worthwhile question being asked of Hillary, I missed it because it was buried under all of the fake moral outrage.  Every question was delivered with the amount of disdain you'd have for a person that you were pissing on.  Because that's always the best way to get a person to open up, right?  And I really don't see how trying to pin her to the wall is helping America, anyway.  She and I had the same thought:  "What difference does it make?"  It's just that my thought had the word "fucking" in it. 

Really, how is showing her up going to make sure that it won't happen again?  Sure, mistakes were made, and things probably could have been done differently, but I don't see how harping on the point that Hillary should have called over there to find out what was happening.  Were the phones even up at that point?  I mean, I don't know who that asshole was, but he was on CNN four hours later, still talking about it.  As best I can tell, he didn't show up for any other reason than to ask that world-altering question.  He could have spent the rest of his time in the bathroom and no one would have known the difference. 

And all of this after it's pretty much been established that the Republicans cut funding for security, then blamed the State Department for being unprepared.  That takes such balls.  It's like all of the Republicans in Congress are Biff Tannen.  They drunkenly wreck America's car, then blame it for not warning him about the blind spot.  I wish my balls could be that big, so I could file for disability. 

Really, can we just stop with the Congressional hearings?  We all know they're just for spectacle at this point.  For a group of people who are trying to de-fund the arts, they sure do seem to be into this particular taxpayer funded drama.  Congressional hearings cost upwards of six figures every single time, and since they're wasting money anyway, the least they could do is add some entertainment value to go with all that acting.  People always say that they want transparency in government, but when this stuff happens before the camera, you always get something like the farce that happened this afternoon, and that's on a good day.  At worst, you might get some idiot congressman from Texas (probably Louie Gohmert) filibustering a vote on a bill that adds funding for school lunches for kids in his district.  Back room deals might lead to cyanide in your kid's Gogurt, but at least they're getting something done.  And they wonder why people hate government.
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